Students of the Month

Emersyn Grab

EMERSYN GRAB - "She is the president of her class, along with the duties she has there, she takes time to put her studies first. She takes pride in getting her work done, and done correctly. She is dependable and participates in class discussions, This helps others in class learn the material!"

- Mr. Elliot

Michael Cook

MICHAEL COOK - "During our recent volleyball game, he went out of his way to include a student who is typically overlooked. Michael’s thoughtful actions not only made a positive impact on this student but also contributed to his team’s success, ultimately leading them to victory in the volleyball championship. It is evident that Michael embodies the true spirit of inclusivity and sportsmanship, making him a deserving candidate for this honor!"

- Mr. Andrews

Jacob Brabbs

JACOB BRABBS" - Jacob is always very helpful. Whenever I need help with something, Jacob is one of the first people to help me and never complains about what it is. Jacob is very trustworthy with any job he is given!"

- Ms Cathy

Luna Kirby

LUNA KIRBY - "Luna exemplifies CLIO PRIDE every day through her actions in and out of the classroom. Luna is friendly, kind, and respectful. She challenges herself to go above and beyond and her classmates know they can look to her as an example of CLIO PRIDE!

- Mme Gorde

Aundreya Teed

AUNDREYA TEED - "She fully represents the CLIO and PRIDE maticed through her work ethic, character, and demeanor. Aundreya can always be found helping ANY student who is sitting next to her and can speak up if she hears a student say they are struggling with something. Aundreya is a student who I feel confident pairing up with anyone in class and she will be a respectful and positive partner.

- Miss Tekiele